Sharing the Love of God in Greater Saint John

Rev. Dr. John Crawford

Welcome to Grace Presbyterian Church.  May the peace of Christ be with you.  Grace is a community sharing the love of God in greater Saint John, New Brunswick. We are part of The Presbyterian Church in Canada and are very active in both the local and national work of our denomination. I hope you find navigating this site informative and helpful in understanding more about what we believe as Christians and what we do within the church, community and world.

Our congregation is made up of all ages and you will find them to be hospitable, engaging and fun to walk through life with. Grace Presbyterian has a morning service which is organized around traditional Reformed patterns of worship and is influenced by the very best of ecumenical traditions found within the historic Christian Church. We believe God’s grace is made known through the proclamation of the scripture as it is preached and taught on Sunday and throughout the week. We also believe in conjunction with the Word, that the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion are a means of grace and vital to the life of each member and adherent in the congregation.

Philip Lee, Minister Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Philip Lee

Grace Presbyterian Church has a short history; we have been together as a new congregation for only two years. However, our real story, our heritage, goes back one hundred and seventy-four years. Our founding congregations – St. Stephen, St. John, and St. Matthew’s – have each supplied us with particular strengths.

St. Stephen, founded in 1836 as a mission Kirk of the Church of Scotland, has endowed us with a profound appreciation of liturgy: “Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness.”
St. John, founded in 1843 by Irish Presbyterians, has bequeathed to us a strong Christ-centered ministry: “Christ of All My Hopes the Ground.” St. Matthew’s, founded in the North End of the City in 1898, has infused our fellowship with a solid understanding of the Communion of the Saints – a sense of how important Christ’s people are to one another: “Blest Be the Tie that Binds.”

Now our gracious God has enabled us to form one congregation that incorporates all of these strengths.  And under the spiritual leadership of John Crawford, a gifted and dedicated preacher and pastor, we have the opportunity to share this rich heritage with the greater community of Saint John.

Those who are looking for a church family with deep roots and a warm heart will be welcomed and made a part of Grace Presbyterian Church.