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The Whole People of God

The Whole People of God curriculum is a lectionary based program for children ages 4 to grade 12.  Through stories, songs, prayer, games, and craft activities the children and youth are prepared for full participation in the worshipping community.  Since the program is lectionary based the children are learning about the same scriptures that the adults in their lives are hearing during the worship service.  This enables the family to participate in meaningful follow-up conversations at home about the lessons that would not be possible if this model was not followed.   The lectionary and our curriculum are based on the seasons of the Christian year with each season usually being its own unit. 

The children are divided into classes based on grade level- preschool to early elementary, later elementary, and youth group- grades 6-12.  Each class hears the same scripture from the lectionary each week but in a format and in a language that each will understand.  Younger children will be read the story and perhaps have puppets or picture cutouts to demonstrate the story.  Older children will also have the story read to them and the youth group will follow along or read the story themselves from the Bible.  Discussions, art activities, and games are then used to tie the children’s’ own experiences into the story they have heard.   The youth group may also discuss how to live a Christian life in today’s world. 

No collection is taken, no dress code is required and enrollment is free. All children are welcome to share and grow in our Worship Centre for Children.

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