Our History

The Church of St. John & St. Stephen was formed in 1917 as the result of the union of the former St. John Presbyterian Church, founded in 1843, and St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, founded in 1836. The cornerstone of the present building on Coburg Street was laid in 1963. The building itself is spacious and centrally located, reflecting outreach mission as a key facet of the congregation’s ministry.

Saint Matthew’s Kirk was located on Douglas Avenue and was a daughter of the former Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Kirk (now Saint Andrew’s and Saint David’s United Church) located on Germain Street in Saint John. Saint Andrew’s was the oldest Presbyterian congregation in Saint John and as such was responsible for spreading Presbyterianism across the city, as well as Saint John and Kings Counties. In 1894, Saint Andrew’s began work in the North end of the city to establish a Presbyterian Kirk. St. Matthew’s was home to working class Scots who worked at the dry docks and lived in the North end of the city. The Kirk thrived until the 1970’s.

Independently, these two founding congregations sought ways to grow and strengthen in number and mission. In January 2008, following a year of process and prayerful consideration, the congregations of St. John & St. Stephen and St. Matthew’s were officially amalgamated, and formed the congregation of Grace Presbyterian Church.

Grace Presbyterian Church